• product and commerical photography

    I specialize in product photography for both e-commerce and print based forms. Both mediums require drastically different approaches as such pricing will vary from project to project and client to client.

    Your brand is important to me. I will work alongside your creative and marketing teams to get the best possible photographs for your brand. Whether you are looking for bright, clean Amazon or e-commerce photographs or high end stylized product photos for commercial print, I am here to work with you.
  • Standard Product Photography Pricing

    Standard product photography is defined as any photography for products/commercial use that does not include props, models, sets, or styling.
    These photos are on a white, black, or colored background and are delivered digitally. For standard product photography I charge per image.

    • Per Image Pricing Breakdown
    • 1-5 Photos: $35.00 / Photo
    • 6-10 Photos: $31.50 / Photo
    • 11-20 Photos: $28.00 / Photo
    • 21-74 Photos: $25.00 / Photo
    • Bulk Discounts available for more than 75 photos. Email [email protected] for a quote

    • Included in the Price:
    • Cleaning of your item
    • In Studio Lighting
    • Color Accuracy Guaranteed
    • Basic Retouching
    • Shadow Removal - Amazon Compatible Photos
    • High Resolution JPEGS
    • Web Ready JPEGS - 72 DPI and optimized for the web so all you have to do is upload them
    • If you have specific dimensions you would like the files, I would be happy to crop to those dimensions at no added cost

    Final images and edits are completed within three to five days of the shoot date. Delivery is via an electronic gallery. Final images released upon full payment.

    Commercial Product Photography Pricing

    Commercial photography encompasses any photography involving models, sets, props, and/or styling.

    • Hourly and Day Rate Shoots
    • First Hour: $150/hr
    • Each Additional Hour: $100/hr
    • Half Day (4 Hours): $400
    • Full Day (8 Hours): $650
    • Half day and full day rates include all equipment rental fees, setting up/breaking down equipment, transportation fees if not shooting at my location, and assistant photographer fees. These fees are extra for hourly rate projects

    • Included in price:
    • in studio lighting set up and equipment rental
    • Color Accuracy Guaranteed
    • Basic Retouching
    • Unlimited number of photographs
    • Proof images of all your photographs
    • Electronic delivery of full size image files [via download]
    • Web Ready JPEGS
    • Does not include: Models, any necessary props, location rental, HMU's, and anything else not specifically defined above.

    Price may very depending upon the job. Determining factors include hours, date of completion, amount of images required, location, and post production needs.

    on site / your location

    All of my lights and equipment are mobile. I am more than willing to travel to your location however, this requires an additional set up fee of $100. This fee is waived for projects spanning more than 4 hours. An additional travel fee of $50 may apply to destinations further than 10 miles from my home studio in Sherman Oaks.

    usage estimates

    1. How large is your company? I will typically waive usage fees for small companies. Large companies who may expose the photographs to large audiences should expect to pay usage fees. The amount of the fee depends on the size of the anticipated audience.

    2. Product Photography is typically licensed for a set period of time. Usage terms are: 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, unlimited, and full buyout. Longer usage terms require increased fees.


    My estimates are based on how long I think it will take to photograph your project. As you might imagine, some objects are more difficult to photograph than others and thus more challenging items take more time. Examples of difficult objects include reflective or clear objects, white on white, and black objects on black backgrounds. Another time consuming aspect is the high degree of precision and consistency required (exact angles, camera position, etc).

    email [email protected] to request a quote

    additional services

    clipping and other editing
    Items appearing on pure white backgrounds is desired for most online and ecommerce sites. Carrie Morgan Media is happy to offer this service for an additional $10/image.
    composites and special effects
    Carrie Morgan Media provides quality digital composites and special effects at an additional cost of $50/hour per photo. Inquire for more details.
  • information needed for photography estimates

    1. What type of products will you need photographed?

    2. How many different products do you have?

    3. How many angles would you like per item?
    Typically on both Amazon and Ebay products have 4-5 angles each to most accurately depict the item. For print media, products usually only need 1 or 2 angles. The number of angles required will greatly impact the final cost.

    4. How many items will you be selling?
    Is the item I'm photographing one of a kind or will you be selling thousands of products? The cost per item will depend upon the final audience.

    5. What is the final form for the photography? Website, ecommerce store, amazon, ebay, print advertising, packaging. Where will these photos end up?

    6. Where will the shoot be held? Whether the shoot is held at my home studio or you would like me to travel.
  • terms and conditions

    I will not deliver or display any photographs until the entire balance and all fees are paid in full.

    Full sized high quality JPG files will be delivered electronically within 7 days of final payment. Rush services are available for an additional fee. Please verify your ability to access the photographs within 14 calender days of your e-mail notification. Any other delivery method may require additional fees (CD, harddrive, prints).

    All images and project deliverables are provided via electronic download thus tax is not applicable for the shooting session. However, if any physical product is provided as work product from this session (including physical prints or images on a CD-ROM, taxes will apply for the entirity of the session and will be collected retroactively.

    To reserve an appointment date and time, a 50% retainer is required prior to confirmation. As I will make no other reservations for that date and time, if you're not available at the appointment time, all retainer payments are considered liquidated damanges and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Rescheduling is allowed up until 48 hours before the scheduled session.

    Photographs produced by Carrie Morgan Media are protected by the United States Copyright Act and may not be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of Carrie Scott. Upon complete payment of the fees, I grant you license to print or display any of the photos for your own personal use on webs sites or in publications under your direct control. For all other situations, you must obtain written permission from me and offer just compensation for any other uses of the photographs, including making them available for publication or selling the photographs to any party. The photographs may not be provided to other individuals or organizations without the written permission of Carrie Morgan. Your specific usage needs and requirements may be further outlined in a formal agreement.

    In partial compensation for the services I'll render, you agree to assign me the irrevocable and unrestricted right and without further compensation to use and publish your photographs for editorial purposes, self-promotion, and photographic competitions. I agree that these photographs will not be used for the purpose of intentional ridicule, scandal, reproach, or indignity. If you do not want your photographs used in this manner, an additional fee will apply to compensate me for the inability to use the photographs as promotional material.

    Any artistic and photographic interpretaions I make related to your photography will be deemed acceptable and correct. I reserve the right to edit and release only those photographs that meet my artistic standards.

    Unless discussed or agreed upon separately, I will not arrange for the printing, clipping, or retouching of any photographs. If those additional services are required, I will be happy to perform those services at a later date, under separate conditions but as part of the overall project.
  • website design/development


    $45/hour +
    Price may very depending upon the job. Determining factors include time frame and number of pages.


    Estimates are based off of how long I expect the project to take as well as your time frame for launching the website. If you are on a time crunch for the launch, I will charge more as I will need to put your project ahead of all other projects. Projects with more complicated designs, userability, and multiple pages will take longer.

    email [email protected] to request a quote
  • information needed for website estimates

    1. What type of site is it?
    Blog, ecommerce, business, personal

    2. How many pages do you need? The price will vary if it is 5 pages or 20.

    3. Do you have a design or need one created?
    I can work with developing a site created by your own designer. I am also happy to help you in designing the right site for your needs.

    4. What is your timeframe?
    Do you need this done in a week or a month or a year? The final launch date will determine the cost and amount of time the project will take.